Technical Debt in Service-Oriented Software Systems0 Downloads Authors: TBD Location: Profes 2022 Link: TBD Abstract: TBD […]
Using Machine Learning to Guide the Application of Software Refactorings: A Preliminary Exploration0 Downloads Authors: Nikolaos […]
Quantifying TD Interest: Are we Getting Closer, or Not Even That?0 Downloads Authors: Elvira Maria Arvanitou, […]
Service Classification through Machine Learning: Aiding in the Efficient Identification of Reusable Assets in Cloud Application […]
Merging Smell Detectors: Evidence on the Agreement of Multiple Tools7 Downloads Authors: Apostolos Ichtsis, Nikolaos Mittas, […]
Applying and Researching DevOps: A Tertiary Study8 Downloads Authors: Elvira Maria Arvanitou; Apostolos Ampatzoglou; Stamatia Bibi; […]
Automated Summarization of Service Workflows to Facilitate Discovery and Composition9 Downloads Authors: Panagiotis Kotsikoris, Theodore Chaikalis, […]
Practitioners’ Perspective on Practices for Preventing Technical Debt Accumulation in Scientific Software Development9 Downloads Authors: Elvira […]
TD Classifier: Automatic Identification of Java Classes with High Technical Debt38 Downloads Authors: Dimitrios Tsoukalas, Alexander […]
SmartCLIDE: Shortening the Toolchain of SOA-based Cloud Software Development by Automating Service Creation, Composition, Testing, and […]
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