We are immersed in the times of an era, with technology and the new information age […]
In recent years, Microservices have gained in popularity, since they come with various advantages, which are […]
An introduction The aim of Programming By Example (PBE) is to develop programs through the synthesis […]
Cloud computing has become the platform for the new, global digital transformation stage we have entered […]
Buzzwords like Machine Learning and Deep Learning have been around for quite some time. We’ve always […]
Analyzing data is much easier and faster today thanks to cloud computing and on-demand availability of […]
At the kick-off meeting, we organized the “Product Box” innovation game to identify the features and […]
After the successful Kickoff-Meeting in Bremen, the project consortium is now aiming to find new ways […]
This week, the project consortium will meet for the first time for the kick-off. We will […]
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