We are pleased to announce that our work on the SmartCLIDE project is coming to a […]
The SmartCLIDE white paper is online. It gathers the main articles published by the consortium during […]
The SmartCLIDE project aimed to develop an innovative platform to support the digital transformation of the […]
To confront the challenges opened-up by the rise of SOA, in the Eclipse OpenSmartCLIDE project we […]
We are very proud and happy to announce that Eclipse OpenSmartCLIDE has passed the IP review. […]
Time and Software Development  Lifecycle Processes, Enhancing Collaboration of Software Product Development Teams, and Boosting Automation […]
About LoRaWAN communication services LoRa is a radio modulation technique that is essentially a way of […]
The notion of Technical Debt (TD) was introduced to describe the shipment of first-time code with […]
We are proud to announce that our presentation has been accepted for the upcoming TheiaCon 2022 […]
Next week the SmartCLIDE team meets for a new plenary in Ludwigsburg (Germany). Indeed, it takes […]
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