Vulnerability Prediction – Importance and Challenges Building secure software is highly important for both the end […]
The interest in building software is increasing with the move towards online businesses. However, this process […]
Software security is a critical consideration for software development companies who want to provide safe and […]
Discovery of Services and Resources The Discovery of Services and Resources backend module is responsible for […]
The rapid rate of technological and digital advancement requires the building of related software, which is […]
– Quality and security in a microservices world – Security Concerns in Microservices Architectures Microservices are […]
An introduction The aim of Programming By Example (PBE) is to develop programs through the synthesis […]
Buzzwords like Machine Learning and Deep Learning have been around for quite some time. We’ve always […]
Analyzing data is much easier and faster today thanks to cloud computing and on-demand availability of […]
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