The SmartCLIDE white paper is online. It gathers the main articles published by the consortium during […]
Time and Software Development  Lifecycle Processes, Enhancing Collaboration of Software Product Development Teams, and Boosting Automation […]
About LoRaWAN communication services LoRa is a radio modulation technique that is essentially a way of […]
The notion of Technical Debt (TD) was introduced to describe the shipment of first-time code with […]
Software architecture is a central part of software engineering and plays a crucial role in the […]
A new article has just been published describing an important service of the SmartCLIDE architecture: The […]
Vulnerability Prediction – Importance and Challenges Building secure software is highly important for both the end […]
The interest in building software is increasing with the move towards online businesses. However, this process […]
Photo by Hush Naidoo Jade Photography on Unsplash Cloud-based solutions are all the rage these days. […]
This article concludes and summarizes our series of articles on the design of the SmartCLIDE IDE. […]
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