Next week the SmartCLIDE team meets for a new plenary in Ludwigsburg (Germany). Indeed, it takes advantage of the annual event of the Eclipse Foundation, EclipseCon 2022, to meet the team and present the progress of the project but also to meet and exchange with the Eclipse community.

First, on Monday 24th, Nikos Nikolaidis from the University of Macedonia (Greece), will present the SmartCLIDE project to the CloudDev community during Community Day. The title of his presentation is:

“OpenSmartCLIDE, the stairway to cloud computing heaven”

On Thursday 27th, the team will animate a Hackathon during Hack Day. See our previous post.

In the meantime, in addition to the plenary, the project will be presented at the Eclipse Research booth.

So, you will have many opportunities to meet one of the project members during EclipseCon so don’t hesitate to talk with us, it will always be a pleasure.

Nikos’ presentation is available here.

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