We are proud to announce that our presentation has been accepted for the upcoming TheiaCon 2022 event.
TheiaCon is an annual virtual conference focused on the Eclipse Theia IDE ecosystem. It brings together a diverse group of Theia developers, adopters and other contributors. This makes it a great place to meet our technical peers and promote our latest results.


Eclipse OpenSmartCLIDE: Automation through innovation for cloud development


The Eclipse OpenSmartCLIDE project aims to deliver a cloud-native IDE based on Eclipse Theia for cloud developers. The IDE integrates a comprehensive set of tools that support developers in all phases of SDLC, going from requirements and design up to testing and deployment. In a nutshell, Eclipse OpenSmartCLIDE offers automation through innovation in all aspects of SDLC for cloud development. Our presentation at TheiaCon 2022 will include a brief description of the project (design and key principles), as well as hands-on short demos.

The event will happen on November 30 and December 1, 2022. Join us!


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