D1.5 – The SmartCLIDE Architecture

This document presents the architecture of the SmartCLIDE system. It is the result of the design process, strongly dependent on and complementing the defined SmartCLIDE requirements, use cases and conceptual design of its components. Consequently, taking into account both the results of requirements, the specified set of system use cases and pilot scenarios that captured in detail how the envisioned SmartCLIDE system will offer its functionality to the users, and the envisioned technical innovations of the SmartCLIDE system as outlined in its conceptual design, this document focuses on detailing the component-based architecture, the information flows and component interactions view, as well as the deployment architecture of SmartCLIDE. The architecture description is also complemented by the delivery plan of the system – the approach to be used and a time plan for the delivery of the system with specific phases and milestones has been included in the delivery plan. 

All the aforementioned content has been structured following the concept and terms of the ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010:2011, “Systems and software engineering — Architecture description” standard. Although this document does not fully comply with the standard’s requirements, the use of the principles included in the standard increases the standardization of the architecture description and the readability of the document itself. It must be noted that the design process and architecture specification of the system is an ongoing process that will continue in the next phases of the project on the light of new deliverables that are due in the months to follow. Thus, even though the current document, along with D1.3 and D1.4, is a starting point for the specification of the system, modifications will apply in the course of the project in order to record the evolving requirements and the corresponding changes in the architecture specification, following an agile development approach. 



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