D6.4 – Early Plan for the exploitation and dissemination of the results

This document presents the current status on the dissemination, communication and exploitation plans for the project. It contains the list of the current actions and time scales. It details the post-project actions containing the individual partners’ intentions, at the point in time at which the deliverable is published. All the agreements with regard to the ownership of the results and IPR issues will be also included in this document. The outcomes resulting from the Standardisation, Clustering and Concertation tasks will also be reported within the future releases of this deliverable.

This document will have 3 releases:

  • This first release (D6.4), month 12, describing the initial dissemination plan, the list of ongoing and upcoming actions and timelines. It presents a first version of the post-project actions, indicating the intentions of individual partners. We completed this release with a chapter on the risks and their mitigation related to the impact that the current pandemic may have on the realization of our plans.
  • A second release (D6.6), at month 24, presenting the new actions, an update of the communication plan and business plans given that that the first versions of the prototypes will be available, and a market study should be available.
  • A final release (D6.8), at month 36, describing the final exploitation plans of the different consortium members as well as all agreements regarding the ownership of results and IPR issues. The outcomes resulting from the standardisation, clustering and Concertation tasks will also be reported in this final version.



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