Services extraction for integration in software projects via an agent-based negotiation system


The great development of the internet and all its associated systems has led to the growth of multiple and diverse capabilities in the field of software development.

One such development was the emergence of code repositories that allow developers to share their projects, as well as allowing other developers to contribute to the growth and improvement of those projects. However, there has been such a growth in the use of these systems that there are multiple works with very similar names and themes that it is not easy to find a repository that completely adapts to the developer’s needs quickly.

This process of searching and researching for repositories that fit the initial needs has become a complex task. Due to the complexity of this process, developers need tools that allow them to process a large amount of information that can be downloaded and analysed programmatically. This complexity can be solved by approaches such as big data and scraping.

This paper presents the design of a data ingestion system for libraries, components and repositories in a multi-agent programming environment.



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