SmartCLIDE Demo: Cloud Computing for Dummies
  • Speaker: Athanasios Salamanis, CERTH
  • Abstract: Cloud computing is currently the dominant paradigm for building and deploying large-scale distributed applications. However, the process of going from idea to deployment is complex and usually requires a large group of people to implement it. But, what if there was a tool that could significantly shorten the time, people and energy required for an app to go live on the cloud? That’s where SmartCLIDE shines. SmartCLIDE IDE integrates a comprehensive set of tools for all SDLC phases, going from requirements and design up to testing and deployment. It adopts the modern low-code paradigm of application development in order to effortlessly bring to life as many application ideas as possible. SmartCLIDE IDE has been designed from day one having developers in mind, attempting to make their working life easier. Its power comes from the combination of several different ideas and technological approaches like business processes design, service discovery, service synthesis, synchronous communication through RESTful APIs, asynchronous communication via message-oriented protocols (e.g., STOMP), deep learning models for code generation and service classification, advanced context handling and runtime monitoring mechanisms and many more. It is a tool made by developers for developers. So, let’s explore it together!
  • Video: Here



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