Eclipse OpenSmartCLIDE End-to-End Scenario

To confront the challenges opened-up by the rise of SOA, in the OpenSmartCLIDE project we have developed a framework (a methodology and a platform) to aid software engineers in systematic and more efficient (in terms of time, quality, defects, and process) reuse of services, when developing SOA-based cloud applications.

In the following video, we present a use-case scenario of our platform that uses the Service Composition, Service Discovery, Service Creation, and Deployment components. Supposing that we want to get the Bitcoin price in USD at this moment, we could create a workflow that does exactly that.

We can take advantage of an existing service in order to get the Bitcoin price in Euro (Service Discovery), and create a service that changes the number of euros to USD (Service Creation). After having these two services we can create a workflow that connects them, so that we take the price in euro from the first one and we pass it to the second, to get the final value at the end (Service Composition). In the end, we can see the quality assessment of the created/used service or even of the workflow. Moreover, at the service level, we can also use some automated generated unit testing or use design patterns easier with the help of the appropriate extensions.



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