IoT-Catalogue ( is the one-stop-source for Internet-of-Things innovations and technologies to help users (developers/integrators/advisors/end-users) take advantage of IoT for the benefit of society, businesses, and individuals. IoT-Catalogue provides a large range of information about products, including both hardware devices and software components. It also identifies solutions designed to target specific ICT problems and describes use cases where solutions were applied.

IoT Catalogue

Business needs

IoT-Catalogue holds and presents a wide range of information that can help IoT developers design their IoT solutions. Options range from low-level hardware (like boards and sensors) to platforms and services to store and process data. However, the current IoT-Catalogue lacks mechanisms to make use of the available information to actively support the developers in the creation of IoT applications.

In this sense, an integrated IDE that provides abstractions for the tools and services listed in IoT-Catalogue would enable the development of users’ own IoT solutions.

SmartCLIDE benefits

The integration of SmartCLIDE technologies in IoT-Catalogue will evolve IoT-Catalogue to a closed-loop IoT development platform that:

  • Supports IoT developers on the design and implementation of their IoT solutions;
  • Helps developers select the hardware that better suits the intended purpose;
  • Supports the development of the IoT solution software that will use the hardware selected;
  • Allows the definition of the complete behavior of the solution, from the data acquisition on devices to the data storage and processing on platforms in the Cloud.

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