SmartCLIDE: Results & Achievements345 DownloadsDownload Now!
SmartCLIDE Demo: Cloud Computing for Dummies229 Downloads Speaker: Athanasios Salamanis, CERTH Abstract: Cloud computing is currently […]
Eclipse OpenSmartCLIDE: Automation through innovation for cloud development251 Downloads Presenter: Athanasios Salamanis, CERTH Location:  TheiaCON 2022 […]
Eclipse OpenSmartCLIDE End-to-End Scenario266 DownloadsTo confront the challenges opened-up by the rise of SOA, in the […]
SmartCLIDE presented during the HORIZON CLOUD Community event – March 2022 (Video)337 DownloadsOn 3 March 2022, […]
SmartCLIDE presented at the Open Research Webinars506 DownloadsSmartCLIDE was presented at the Open Research Webinar series, […]
Cloud Computing in a nutshell495 DownloadsThis video introduces and summarizes the article Cloud Computing in a […]
AGILE Methodologies and DevOps497 DownloadsThis video introduces and summarizes the key point of the article AGILE […]
An introduction to SmartCLIDE846 DownloadsA four minutes video presenting SmartCLIDE challenges, objectives, and targets Download Now!
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