D6.4 – Early Plan for the exploitation and dissemination of the results115 Downloads This document presents […]
D6.3 – Early Project Presentation and brochure125 Downloads According to the predefined rules exposed at the […]
D3.1 – Early SmartCLIDE Cloud IDE Design394 DownloadsDeliverable “D3.1 Early SmartCLIDE IDE Design” is part of […]
D1.5 – The SmartCLIDE Architecture495 DownloadsThis document presents the architecture of the SmartCLIDE system. It is […]
D1.4 – The SmartCLIDE Concept369 DownloadsThe current document presents the SmartCLIDE Concept. The work described in […]
D6.2 – Project Website352 DownloadsThis report describes the SmartCLIDE project website from its conception to its […]
D6.1 – Open Data Use Plan326 DownloadsThis document describes the initial Open Data Use Plan of […]
D1.1 – State-of-the-Art and Market Requirements9745 DownloadsThe current document constitutes the deliverable D1.1 “State-of-the-Art and Market […]
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